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We are often asked to name our most popular speakers but due to ever changing trends and topics it really is a moveable feast. 

However the following indiviudals are consistently in demand mainly due to their profile, their natural ability to inspire, consistency and broad public appeal.

Brian Cody - The man is a legend. No other sporting manager has had success like Cody. In his talks he covers; What it takes to be a good leader; What to look for in team members; How to create a winning attitude; Who he really admires; The best advice he has been given; Peak performance and last but not least; Respect.

Bobby Kerr - Bobby is the consumate professional and gives every client his full attention. His experience as a leading businessman, as a TV personality and his wider experience in the world of broadcasting, gives him a broad appeal and he can just about tackle any topic with ease and humour.

Alan Quinlan - Alan's International rugby career was formidable and he was one of the most passionate players Ireland has ever seen. He has had highs and lows in his career and personal life, some public and some private, but in recent times he has opened up about his personal struggles with mental health. His honesty and forthrighedness on the subect has made him an extremely popular choice for staff briefings and conferences, where he talks as candidly about his rugby career as he does his battle with depression. 

Niall Breslin - AKA Bressie is a musician, former top level GAA and Rugby player and TV personality. When Bressie opened up about the crippling anxiety he has suffered since childhood, it struck a chord with the general public and launched a movement, highlighting the mental health crisis facing Ireland. His talks are immensley personal and passionate.

Brent Pope is as engaging in real life as he appears on TV. He gives every client event 100% and is a true professional. He is open and honest about his personal experience with anxiety and is an extremely versatile and humourous after dinner speaker.

Mark Pollock - Everything Mark does is about inspiring people to build resilience and collaborate with others so that they achieve more than they thought possible. Mark has used his hard-earned expertise to help people in over 1,000 organisations worldwide including at Davos, the Web Summit, the World Economic Forum, EG, Wired and TEDx Hollywood. 

For details and availability on any of the above speaker call us on 01 6190243 or email info@speakersolutions.ie.

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