The average cost of a motivational speaker

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The jaw-dropping fees of the world’s most high profile speakers....

....think Barack Obama, whose recent fee of $400,000 for a Wall Street Conference caused "fee frenzy" headlines across the globe.

Like any other product or service, fees are simply dictated by the speaker's popularity, experience and usual market forces. With our 20 years of experience, we estimate that the average cost of a motivational speaker in Ireland is between €2,000 – €20,000.

We understand this is a broad range, so our guidelines to booking a motivational speaker revolve around the premise that:

“Price does not always affect quality.”

What we mean by this is that you do not have to pay over the odds to get the right speaker for your event. By analysing your audience and purpose during the planning stages, you should be able to find an engaging and insightful motivational speaker at any price range. Our new speaker search options allow you to refine by price and category so you can easily view what speakers are available for the type of event you’re hosting.


Budget Motivational Speakers: €1,000 – €3,000

Can we stress here that budget in price does not mean “budget” in performance. Some of the best, lesser known speakers that we represent sit in this category and, depending on the audience, your industry and what you’re aiming to achieve, this price range could be ideal.

This category also holds the rising stars in the motivational speaking industry – charismatic and ambitious circuit speakers who will be commanding much higher fees in the future. So book them now and make sure to get photos and autographs.

Corporate Motivational Speakers: €4,000 – €10,000

This price range is the most common for corporate and business events. You can usually expect established circuit speakers, industry experts and business celebrities as well as adventurers and leaders from the world of sport.

If you’re looking for a recognisable face and a top performance within a reasonable budget, you should expect to pay the higher end of this fee.

High-end Motivational Speakers: €10,000 – €30,000

Unless you’re looking to hire an ex-politician or a business tycoon (think Bob Geldof), the majority of celebrity and high end circuit speakers command a fee less than €30,000. If you want to fill a big room, the easiest way to do it is by bringing in a “big name”, motivational speaker.

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